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Case studies

Any experience has always a good old story behind

FFO damage in Azov Sea, arrest and a huge claim
Description of the matter: The vessel contacted old unoperated berth, owned by the local bunkering company. The vessel was…
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Fire on board. Burned cargo during STS operation
Description of the matter: The cargo of sulphur burned on board vessel during ship to ship loading process at roads.   Our…
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Severe collision between two vessels
Description of the matter: Collision between tanker and general cargo vessel within the Russian inner waterways.   Our…
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FFO damage in Black Sea, a huge claim from the Terminal
Description of the matter: While departure maneuvering one of the mooring lines connected to the assisting tug parted resulting…
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Huge fix floating object damage of oil terminal
Description of the matter: Collision with marine berth, owned by the major oil exporter in Russia, during gale. The claim…
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Collision in Marmara Sea
Description of the matter: Collision of two vessels in Marmara Sea. One vessel was arrested in Novorossiysk, things came…
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Commingling of cargo
Description of the matter: Commingling of cargoes Propane and Butane on board the vessel during loading.   Our part: Investigation…
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Oil Pollution
Description of the matter: During loading operations alongside the berth in Novorossiysk port, the vessel was supplied with…
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