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FFO damage in Black Sea, a huge claim from the Terminal

Description of the matter:
While departure maneuvering one of the mooring lines connected to the assisting tug parted resulting a partial loss of vessel's control. Consequently, the vessel had hull contact with a berth causing major underwater damages.
Our part:
Investigation of the accident cause, assessment of the damages for both vessel and berth with further repairs supervision. Negotiations for releasing the vessel, placing own Letter of Undertaking against the initial claim (USD 1,5M). Arrangements of smooth release of the vessel without a delay for her schedule.
Surveyor's investigation of the case, collecting of necessary evidences, protecting the vessel's Owners from potential and existing claims. Negotiations with marine terminal representatives, supervision and control of the claimed expenses, full supervision of repairs.
The initial claim was decreased more than in three times with factual amount of settlement approximately USD 470 thousand.
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