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Oil Pollution

Description of the matter:
During loading operations alongside the berth in Novorossiysk port, the vessel was supplied with fuel oil bunkers by the barge. The spillage occurred during bunkerage operation.
Our part:
Investigation of the circumstances, fixing cargo quantity/quality inside the tanks, protecting Shipowners' interests.
The surveyor attended the vessel and thoroughly examined cargo lines/system, checked valves in operation, drew samples, and gave recommendations to the Master at the same time assisting in cooperation with police and governmental ecological control.The bunkering line system and all its compartments that were involved into the process were inspected for the matter of any deficiencies or failure. Further the criminal case was handled by our legal department executives.
The vessel was neither detained nor arrested, therefore, not delayed at all. She successfully sailed upon completion of cargo operations. The accused was released from arrest shortly on vessel's sailing under our Letter of Undertaking and repatriated.
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