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Ukraine Crisis


South Russia, 24 February 2022



Shipping activity at South Russia in connection with developing Ukraine crisis



This circulation is primarily intended for attention of P&I Clubs executives and Members of P&I Clubs, who operate vessels, trading in the Black Sea and Azov Sea.



Dramatic development of tension in relations between Russia and Ukraine puts number of impositions to a commercial shipping in the ports of South Russia.

To summarize the current situation, we advise that:

  • All Russian Black Sea ports are operational without restrictions with security level increased from level 1 to level 2 since 25/02/2022 18:00 (GMT+3) for the period of 15 days by Russian Ministry of Transport under the Order no. 59 dated 24/02/2022. Port of Taman STS anchorage is limited with cargo operations as no shipping supply cargoes for storage vessels are available from the Azov Sea and inland waterways.
  • All Russian Azov Sea ports are operational, however, vessels can not proceed southbound due to traffic in Azov Sea recently prohibited by Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation Coastal Warning no.91 dated 24/02/2022. Traffic/movements within ports’ limits are also restricted.
  • Kerch Strait connecting Black and Azov Seas is operational, however since the traffic in Azov Sea traffic is temporary prohibited for Northbound proceeding vessels, entrance from the Black Sea is closed. The Strait is available without limitation for the vessels leaving the Azov Sea (Southbound).
  • There are no restrictions related to Ukrainian crew on board merchant vessels in Russian ports;
  • There are no restrictions preventing rendering any medical assistance required to the Ukrainian seafarers in any Russian port in case of a need.

The following warnings have been issued on 24 February 2022 and remain in force for all vessels:


Coastal warning no.90 Novorossiysk

Highly Important

Russia Nautical Charts nos. 35155; 32120; 31015

The Sea of Azov

In connection with the anti-terrorist measures starting from 24 Feb/04:00, all ships are prohibited from the sailing util further notice.

Waiting areas declared for the vessels in the Azov Sea during specified period are as follows:



LAT 45-40.0N LON 036-21.0E

LAT 45-40.0N LON 036-30.0E

LAT 45-34.0N LON 036-30.0E

LAT 45-34.0N LON 036-21.0E



LAT 47-00.0N LON 038-22.0E

LAT 47-00.0N LON 038-29.0E

LAT 46-58.5N LON 038-29.0E

LAT 46-58.0N LON 038-22.0E


Coastal warning No. 91

Russian Chart no. 31010

The Black Sea

Due to the conducting anti-terrorist measures starting from 24 Feb/04:00 to all ships and navy in the NW part of Black Sea northward the Lon. 45-21N the sailing is prohibited till special direction.

The vessels wishing to leave the prohibited area and ports till 24 Feb/16:00 should follow to the recommended routes nos. 44 and 60 within the 4 miles band along the routes indicated.


Warning no.1/225 of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation





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